The New Normal

Nurse Kimberly Johnson can report for duty this morning because her basal metabolism is in the green.   She took her basal metabolic temperature (BMT) this morning immediately upon waking with an oral digital thermometer and entered her reading on the PRA Infection Monitor.   A rise in BMT is the only accurate way to determine if a contagion has been acquired.

During the COVID-19 coronavirus crisis, the PRA Infection Monitor is available FREE to anyone.   On your smartphone enter:

No download is necessary, but if you save the opening page to your home screen, you will receive an icon to click on, which from then on will take you directly to the PRA Infection Monitor.

If Kimberly's supervisor, or any supervisor of personnel, would like to know that a staff member will probably be calling in sick, having acquired an infection, they can automatically receive an email alert.   To register, contact Product Research Associates.   Just click on Contact.