A graph is generated by the device which is very useful to the patient's physician who is monitoring their condition.   Today the physician can charge the insurance carrier for reading such graphs remotely.

The Biosymtec Monitor

Conceived primarily for those with chronic illneses including COPD, asthma and heart failure (CHF), the Biosymtec Monitor can detect respiratory and non-respiratory infections days before clinical signs such a fever.   It is used upon waking, before getting out of bed and it tracks basal metabolism with accuracy. The Biosymtec Monitor acquires basal metabolic temperature (BMT) the only accurate way to determine early if a contagion has been acquired. It also acquires certain lung functions known to drop in advance of pulmonary problems such as COPD and asthma exacerbations.

To use the Biosymtec Monitor, the dual probes are placed under the tongue straddling the frenulum.   The single button is pressed momentarily and the algorithmic analysis is immediately displayed on the front of the monitor.

The licensed algorithm used by the Biosymtec Monitor was developed after the Anthrax biochemical attack in the U.S. and further refined during the SARS coronavirus epidemic in Asia. Pre-clinical trials using the algorithm were completed in Hong Kong (5 clinics), Tianjin China (Tianjin Haihe Hospital) and at a Pennsylvania church community. The results of all sites were analyzed and the accuracy of the algorithm was determined to be: Sensitivity 96.7% and Specificity 96.8%.


The final Design Phase is ready to begin, and devices could be available in 35 weeks for clinical trials.  Licensing or private-label manufacturing is available.   Contact John Beiswenger, Partner, Product Research Associates, LLC.